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Delivery: Mondovi, Wi

The Mondovi, WI Fire Department recently took delivery of this new 2013 Darley AutoCAFS pumper/tender. The vehicle features the Darley PSMC 1500 GPM fire pump with a 120 CFM automatic compressed air foam system (AutoCAFS) which optimizes every drop of the 2500 gallon CoPolymer water tank. The pump has three large 6” intakes (left, right, and rear) and all utilize behind the panel Darley intake valves. A FoamPro 2001 proportioner feeds foam to the crosslays and one of the rear 2-1/2” CAFS outlets.

The entire body is constructed of Copolymer material and also includes an integral 25 gallon Class A foam tank. The chassis is a Spartan MetroStar-X with a Cummins ISC rated at 380 hp. The 2500 gallon tank can quickly be dumped using the left, right, and rear dump valves. There are four separate rear slide-in compartments to store a 2500 gallon folding tank, two 6” x 10 ft. suction hoses, and a compliment of three ladders and pike poles.