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Real life training without real life consequences. Like a flight simulator for pilots, VRpatients immerses students into lifelike, stress-inducing educational scenarios allowing them to interview, assess, diagnose and treat patients in real time.


VRpatients employs a team of highly skilled developers, practitioners, and consultants worldwide. Together, the Human Team collaborates in a spirit of continuous improvement. New environments, practical and clinical components, moulage, and other enhancements are being added to the application every few months without interruption to the customer

What makes VRpatients, Virtual Simulation Education, so different?

Realistic simulations based on real user experiences

“Build it how you want it” intuitive case authoring tool

Objective critical thinking assessment

Lifelike animations, dynamic living environments and diverse, customizable patient avatars

Build your case

Pre-loaded with more than 20 realistic living environments and a multitude of patient avatars, the authoring tool’s built-in prompts alert you to an improbable or unlikely action, making it virtually error-proof.

Interactive Training

We believe your interactive experience must be natural, intuitive, simple, realistic, and unobtrusive. 

It is believable. It is flexible. It’s real-life training without real-life consequences. 

Immersive Patient Care Demo