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Rally Point Tactical employs a comprehensive approach to the equipment, business, and services that they provide to their customers and the defense industry.

Tactical Kits - TAC-X Custom Solutions

The TAC-X line is currently in use by many of today’s elite military and law enforcement units worldwide.

TAC-X is an extensive range of kits designed with end user input and manufactured to fill specific operational requirements while enhancing units’ overall capabilities.

These kits can be purchased as is, or used as a solid platform to build a kit specific to your unit or departments operational requirements.

Since These kits are built using direct feedback from the battlefield or the streets, the kit contents are consistently being evaluated and adjusted to fit the ever changing operational climate.

This means that you can be sure that the contents included in the TAC-X line of kits will meet the demands of your current and future requirements.

Rally Point Tactical Breaching.


Rally Point Tactical Communication.


Rally Point Tactical Eureka.


Rally Point Tactical VBSS.



TAC-X Kits are customized to meet every customer’s specific needs. Assault Swimmers, Assault Breaching, VBSS, Tactical Communications, Expedient Shelter, or ultra light weight antenna solutions, whatever your mission calls for, Rally Point Tactical can provide your mission requirements. Any part. Any item.


TAC-X Kits help warfighters consolidate mission requirements so that units can spend less time with vendors and more time executing their mission. Procuring tactical equipment should not be the battle before the battle, and our unrivaled customer service ensures that units receive the equipment they need, when they need it.


Rally Point Tactical is the trusted partner of Elite Military Units, Expeditionary Units, and Warfighters worldwide. We resolve the most challenging acquisitions so you can get out the door.