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Patriot Products, LLC

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Custom Solutions for Training Excellence

Known for its consummate innovation and attention to detail, Patriot Products continues to change the face of both the live-fire ranges and training aids industries with custom concepts and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. If you discover a challenge, Patriot Products can design a solution.


  • Electronic & pneumatic target turning systems
  • Robotics & other moving target systems
  • Expeditionary live fire shoot houses
  • Bullet traps, ballistic protection, & containment
  • Reactive & non-reactive steel targetry
  • Known distance target carriages
  • EFSATs & other 3D threat targets
  • Portable battery charging stations
  • Atmospherics
  • Custom container modification
  • Fire trainers
  • Deployable subterranean applications
  • Engineering, manufacturing, & fabrication
  • Ability to upgrade, repair, & maintain systems
  • Recent customers include: Marine Corps, Army, National Guard, Navy, Coast Guard, Secret Service, FBI, DEA, NASA, SOCOM, & NSWG
Patriot Products.
Founded in Franklin, IN in 2008, Patriot Products, LLC is a small business (<50 employees) with an impeccable record of past performance that specializes in the design and manufacturing of live-fire range and training aids. Whether projects go through a government prime or directly to an end user, focus on new installations or routine maintenance, or require an existing product or a custom concept; we create custom solutions for training excellence.
Patriot Products.