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Bullard Fire & Rescue Helmets

Anatomy of a Bullard Helmet

Customized Leather Fronts

Bullard's leather fronts offer a bold, versatile look. Design your leather front.

TrakLite® Integrated Lighting

TrakLite provides a readily-available source of light in most any situation.

Thermal Barrier

Our thermal barrier shows significant heat reduction compared to those helmets without.

ReTrak® Integrated Visor

The ReTrak Helmet Series offers emergency responders an integrated visor.

Bullard Fire Helmets Lead the Industry

  • Ultimate Comfort. With 12 points of adjustment, each firefighter can customize the fit of their helmet for maximum personal comfort.
  • Extreme Durability. Lightweight designs don’t sacrifice durability. These helmets are designed Bullard Tough for harsh environments.
  • Maximum Customization. Get the ultimate in customization for each helmet: Scotchlite® striping options, faceshields, goggles, integrated lightning, and top-quality leatherfronts.