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Beyond Clothing

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Rooted in the Pacific Northwest and inspired by the beauty of the great outdoors, Beyond Clothing® was founded 1996 in Seattle, WA as a supplier of technical and durable gear for the Military. That venture led them to develop a versatile layering system that uses moisture management to keep you warm and comfortable in any climate. At Beyond, they view each article of clothing as a tool that works together to protect you from the elements.

Beyond firmly believes that time spent in the great outdoors vastly improves your health. With that notion, they see the value in protecting our planet and take a sustainable approach to the products they create, using eco-friendly and biodegradable insulations and textiles to minimize their impact on the ecosystem.

Beyond Clothing®, Unbounded to Explore. Where Will You Go?

Layering System

Beyond Clothing Layering System.

The BEYOND® Layering System is a complete 8-layer technical survival clothing system, designed to optimize human performance in the worst climatic conditions. Purpose-built fabrics provide breathability and fast drying across every layer, protection from the elements, and functionality in climates as low as -70°F. Our system can take you anywhere in the world in 5 layers or less.

The Complete 8 Layers