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Hi, I’m Paul Darley, thanks for coming to watch the October issue of Inside Darley.

The fall season is upon us and with it brings a lot of tradeshows. It might surprise you to hear but Darley visits/exhibits at around 150 tradeshows each year. In fact, on the last page of our recently released Darley Times, you can find a list of tradeshows we will be attending in the coming months. If you are going to be at any of them, please stop by we’d love to talk with you.

Two of the big shows we will be exhibiting at this month are the AUSA Conference and the Fire China show. The AUSA show serves are military customers and gives us a chance to meet and explain how Darley Defense can solve their capability gaps. The show will have over 30,000 attendees and a variety of panels discussing the State of the Army. The Fire China show is the most influenced and largest international fire protection exposition in China. The show will have over 50,000 attendees and showcase the technology in the fire industry. We will have the largest booth at the show, so we are looking forward to it.

Our first attachment is our Fall issue of the Darley Times newsletter. The newsletter has a lot of great information about what has been going on at Darley. One of the articles talks about how we launched our new fire advisory board. The board discussed new technology in the fire industry and how we can best serve our firefighter customers. The board includes great people from all over including: Chief Otto Drozd III (Former Orange County FD, FL), Caleb Holt (Former Texas A & M alum), Captain Kirk McKinzie (Cosumnes FD, CA), Chief Bobby Halton (Editor Fire Engineering magazine), Commissioner James Joyce (Retired Chicago FD), Chief Tim Sashko (Former Executive Director Illinois Fire Chiefs and Chief of Mundelein FD, IL), and Chief Brian Brown (Former South Metro FD, CO).

Our second attachment is an article from FireRescue1 called Are Driverless Fire Trucks in our Future by Robert Avsec. The article dives into the self-driving car industry and takes the next logical step of applying it to the fire industry. Robert does a good job of pointing out pitfalls and possible shortcomings of bringing a driverless fire truck to the fire industry but make no mistake once these kinks are worked out, we could be seeing these trucks sooner than you think.

Our third attachment also has to do with driverless trucks. It’s an article by Richard Truett called This time, Amazon placed the order-a big one. The article is about a recent order amazon placed for 100,000 delivery vehicles. The vehicles will be based on Rivian’s battery-electric powertrain. Amazon’s goal is to reduce their carbon production and push themselves closer to 100% renewable energy. Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, and more of them are on the road than ever before; which leads us to our next product.

We’ve recently acquired the exclusive distribution rights to sell the Bridgehill Car Fire Suppression Blankets in the U.S. The blankets are designed to put out any car fire but with an added emphasis on suppressing electric car fires. Electric car fires are notoriously hard to put out and must be handled differently by first responders.

Darley has experienced an explosive amount of growth in the past two years. A large portion of our growth can be attributed to our pump division, and we switched campaign. Fire departments are finally seeing the high quality and performance of our pumps. In the past two years, we’ve seen large cities across the country adopt our pumps, most recently Milwaukee has added our pumps to their fleet.

The past month has been rough for our friends in the Bahamas. Our hearts go out to them as they take on the task of rebuilding after hurricane Dorian. We donated several pallets of Darley boxed water to aid the rebuilding process.

We have seen a bit of a softening in the luxury boat market. Generally, this softening is a sign of a coming recession, but no one can be completely sure. A recent article put out by CEO Magazine said that U.S CEOs don’t think there will be a recession anytime soon; so that’s a bit of good news.

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