Inside Darley October 2017

Hello I’m Paul Darley and thanks for watching this month’s edition of Inside Darley.

The recent wave of natural disasters is nothing less than tragic for all states affected. I’ve spoken to our Latin American representative Eulando Pinero who operates out of Puerto Rico and describes total devastation. You can click through on our website to donate towards relief efforts for Irma, Harvey and Maria through the Red Cross.

Darley is proud to partner with disaster relief organizations and government agencies providing supplies, water purification products and more. We were recently awarded a top small business to work with by FEMA for our work with residential fire sprinkler systems for flood victims in Louisiana for example. If you’d like to learn more, attached is a report from FEMA known as a Private Sector Advisory outlining FEMA disaster response efforts.

Natural and technological disasters continue to increase exponentially in frequency and damages. Our second attachment is a report on 2016 natural disasters from the International Disaster Database. This trend is unfortunate and something we plan to monitor closely in the coming years while offering any assistance we can as individuals and a company.

One of the hardest hit parts of the world in terms of natural disasters is China. We recently returned from Fire China where we saw a great emphasis on rescue and recovery operations assistance and products.

Finally, we’re excited to attach the Fall/Winter 2017 edition of the Darley Times. You can read about our recent acquisition of Fireboy-Xintex, Boston Fire Departments recent truck purchases including Darley pumps, and see some of the recent awards Darley has been honored with.

Thanks as always for watching, and if there is anything we can be doing to assist you please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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