Inside Darley November 2019

Hi, I’m Paul Darley, thanks for coming to watch the November issue of Inside Darley.

Every October, the NFPA releases its Fire Loss Report, which is our first attachment. The report talks about the number of fires we had in the U.S. and breaks down the type and severity of them. We are seeing the continued decline of fire calls and the rise of non-fire calls for firefighters. Wildfires have continued to cause the most damage of any type of fire. While this year has been quiet for wildfires, there has been a modern trend for them to be on the rise.

Recently New Zealand had one of their largest fires in years at the Auckland Convention Center. The fire departments battled the fire for over three days with over 40 pumpers. We are proud to say those pumpers utilize Darley pumps, which performed flawlessly.

As more and more firefighters become familiar with Darley pumps, we are seeing them pop up everywhere. We are proud to supply fire pumps to Cal Fire, Cal OES, U.S. Forest Service, and more. Most recently, we had Toronto Fire Services add our pumps to their fleet.

The Annual FAMA/FEMSA Conference took place in Toronto this year, and it was a great show. James Long is on the board and helps put together the speakers and program. The speakers this year were phenomenal, we had Rob Anselmi and Mark Puknaitis on a fire chief panel. A lot of the discussion revolved around cancer in the fire industry. Our second attachment is a study from the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health. The article talks about firefighters and instructors who train with live fire and their increased risk of cancer.

Our third attachment is a seminar from Brian Brauer called Human Behavior and Innovation: Strategies for Implementing Change. He talked about firefighter behavior in the firehouse and how fire chiefs can use that behavior to push smarter and safer practices. He touched on bringing technologies like the Flaim Trainer into standard training to reduce cancer risk. Another great piece of technology we off is the Flaim Extinguisher. The Flaim Extinguisher can train anyone on the proper way to use an extinguisher by immersing the user in several realistic scenarios. Email to learn more.

As the company grows, so to must the way we tackle the hiring process. An interesting thought leader on hiring is Marcus Buckingham. He puts together these quick videos that can help you rethink the hiring process.

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