Inside Darley May 2022

Hi, I’m Paul Darley. And thanks for tuning into our May issue of Inside Darley. We’re just back from the FDIC conference in Indianapolis, and the attendance there exceeded all expectations with an estimated 30,000 attendees at that show, which was pretty close to the 2019 pre-COVID numbers that they saw.

Our booth was busy the entire time with all of the new innovations that we had on display. Certainly our FLAIM System had a lot of attention again. And our first attachment here is an article just put out by the NFPA journal in the spring of 2022, titled Full Immersion, which talks about the benefits of virtual reality and firefighting. You might think, “well, our department or our educational facility can’t afford that,” but download our second attachment, which gives you information on grants that are available for funding for virtual reality products. Pretty neat.

We also had a lot of attention on a robotic dog and our new pumps that included a new electric firefighting pump, and a lot of other new products there.

We had a lot of customers coming by to see us, including our new mega-cities or large cities who came by to see us, including Detroit and Toronto, Miami-Dade, Boston, Milwaukee and Charlotte. We’re really excited to bring on and feature our newest large metro department that’s just switched to Darley and that’s Baltimore County. They’ve recently ordered 35 engines from Pierce, including an order for 19 engines just within the last couple of weeks.

For our defense customers, we really look forward to seeing you down at the SOFIC conference, and that’s going to be May 17th through the 19th, down in Tampa. We’ve got a very large booth number 1005. It’s just as you come in the exhibit hall. For our defense customers, or if you’re interested in what our military is using, we’d really encourage you to download our third attachment, which is a 45-page brochure on our Darley defense capabilities, highlighting a lot of the products that we have available to you.

If you’re a CEO or pretty much anybody these days, inflation’s probably one of the things that’s keeping you awake at night. And this fourth article that we’ve attached is put out by McKinsey. It’s called “Navigating Inflation: New Playbook for CEOs.” It’s really got some great tips on inflation relative to your employees, pricing for your products, whatever it is. So some interesting stuff there.

And our last attachment is the 10 best articles from McKinsey put out for the first quarter, 2022. I love the last article. That’s titled “10 Lessons From the First Two Years of COVID.” Some good stuff there.

So thanks for tuning into this issue of inside Darley. If there’s anything we can be doing to support you, we hope you’ll reach out to us. ​

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