Inside Darley May 2019

Hi, I’m Paul Darley, thanks for coming to watch the May issue of Inside Darley.

FDIC was great this year. I’m glad I had the opportunity to talk with everyone who made it to the show. Thank you for stopping by our booth. We weren’t the only ones who had success FDIC reported it had record-breaking attendance. We can’t wait for next year’s show.

We are jumping right in with our first attachment, the Government Relations Report from the International Association of Fire Chiefs. The report details appropriations for homeland security funding, wildland fire funding, and SIREN Funding. The report also summarizes new legislation, and pending legislation. The report is a great way to get caught up with government programs that affect the fire service.

Darley’s James Long recently attended Hill Day in Washington D.C. Hill Day is an event where companies converse with government officials. It’s important for members of the fire industry to be involved in the legislative process, especially locally. In order to help fire chiefs get in front of these officials, we host Illinois Home Day. Illinois Home Day is an annual event that brings fire chiefs and legislative staff together to discuss the current state of the fire industry. It’s a great opportunity to let Illinois officials know how they can assist firefighters. If you are in Illinois, we hope you can attend.

The Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018 was signed into law last October. The Act required FEMA to make about 50 changes to their policy and regulations. The changes included investment in preventative disaster measures, reduced risk from future disasters after a fire has occurred and giving more power to states to manage disaster recovery. Everyone involved in the fire industry should read through the act.

Our last attachment is our Purifire system. Our patented system gives fire departments the ability to turn their truck into an emergency water response vehicle. If you want to learn more email

The economy has been great for the past few years, but we a downturn could be right around the corner. The downturn could happen tomorrow or years down the road, but it’s important for companies to be prepared. Our final link is Preparing for and managing through a downturn from is a podcast that discusses what companies should do when a downturn is around the corner.

Thanks for tuning in to this issue of Inside Darley, if there is anything we can be doing to assist you we hope you reach out to us.

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