Inside Darley June 2017

I’m Paul Darley and welcome to our June 2017 edition of Inside Darley.

We’re very excited to announce our acquisition of Fireboy-Xintex and their sister company Aetna Engineering. Fireboy-Xintex is nearly a household name in the recreational boat fire suppression market and Aetna Engineering brings a high level of electronic engineering experience with their lineup of products as well. We’re very excited as we feel it’s a perfect fit for Darley with many areas of overlapping markets. You can read more about the acquisition in the attached press release.

Our Board of Directors was instrumental in guiding our decisions through the acquisition process as always. Our Board was recently honored as a Private Board of the Year for 2017 by Private Company Director Magazine. You can read more about that in our second attachment.

If you’re considering adding a board of directors to your company, I’m attaching a great article by my friend Bernie Tenebaum. It’s called “Is It Worth Having A Board of Directors” and it’s great advice and statistics on the advantages a board can bring to a company.

Lots of things happening in Washington with proposed budgets for SAFR and AFG grants submitted showing only modest reductions. President Trump’s proposed budget also shows a major increase in defense spending, particularly with regard to the war efforts abroad.

As always thanks for watching Inside Darley and please reach out if there is anything we can be doing to assist you.


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