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Hi, I’m Paul Darley, and thanks for tuning in to our January issue of “Inside Darley.”

Hopefully, 2023 is off to a good start for you, and if you’re like most people, you kinda look forward to having 2022 in the rear view mirror. You know, but just because we turn the calendar or open up a new calendar doesn’t mean that things are gonna change over night.

And we at Darley really focus on mega-trends that impact our employees, our customers, our supply chain. And Forbes just released this great first article that we’ve attached for you here, which is titled, “The Five Biggest Business Trends Everyone Must Get Ready For Now”.

The number one trend that they talk about is accelerated digital transformation, particularly as it relates to AI, or artificial intelligence. And you kinda think hey, that’s maybe something that’s gonna be coming in the future, down the road, but I’ll tell you, it’s here now. I happen to be part of a business group with a great CEO who’s a tech guy, Cary Chessick. He founded And he recently shared with our group some great information and some great tools on AI, and I would encourage you to check these out if you’re interested. Go to, or to, and just play around with that, some really interesting things.

The second trend that they talk about is inflation and supply chain issues, and we’ve talked a lot about that, making sure that you shore up your supply base. Number three is sustainability, or ESG, or Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, that we talk about. Really, if you’re looking to attract good folks to your company, it’s really important that you have a sustainability plan, that we’re all good corporate citizens.

The fourth trend that they talk about is immersive customer experience. And I’ll tell ya, Darley’s been heavily involved in this with our virtual reality products for gosh, probably over five years now, particularly our FLAIM products, like our FLAIM Extinguisher, as well as our FLAIM Trainer, but we’re also really excited to add a new product line to that, and that is we’ve partnered with FERNO and we’re introducing, so you oughta check this out. We are the exclusive distributor for the EMS market, as well as the defense market. So this product, we’ve attached information for you on it here, won innovation of the year at the EMS World Show this year, so really cool stuff. You can also find information on that at Just go over to “What We Provide” – you’ll see a complete area on Unmanned Systems, AR, VR, and that’s all part of our new USMR Division, which is our UnManned Systems Metaverse and Robotics Division.

While we’re talking about megatrends, one of those is the trend toward megacities. And we’ve attached an article here for you, titled, “The Rise of the Megacity.” And on November 15, the world population hit 8 billion people. I don’t know who determines who that 8 billionth person was, but pretty interesting stuff. And as you look at today’s demographics, 60% of those live in cities and towns. And this article talks to the fact that there’s a migration toward megacities. And at the end of the 21st century, 80 years from now, they’re anticipating the world population will be about 10 billion people with 80% of them living in cities. So think of the implications of that.

Lastly, our hearts go out to the Halton family, as we lost Bobby Halton earlier in late December. I’ll tell ya, he was a great friend of Darley, a great friend of the fire service, truly one of the great icons and great leaders in our fire service. He served on our Fire Advisory Board for five years, he always told it like it was, so he truly left his mark. We thank him and we’ll never forget him.

So hey, thanks for tuning in to this issue of “Inside Darley”. If there’s anything we can be doing to support you, we hope you reach out to us.

The 5 Biggest Business Trends In 2023 Everyone Must Get Ready For Now
Rise of the Megacity
The Dark Side of AI: A Warning from Jordan Peterson (scary truth about ChatGPT)

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