Inside Darley January 2020

Hi, I’m Paul Darley, thanks for tuning in to watch the January issue of Inside Darley.

I hope you had a great holiday season. I always try to look at the market at the beginning of the year and see how other businesses are gearing up. Our first attachment is an article from CEO Magazine “CEOs Fear Washington instability could trigger a 2020 recession.” The article points to the 2020 election, China trade resolution, and the lack of qualified talent to support growth as reasons for concern.

Our second attachment is from Kellogg, “Is Likeability Important for Leaders and Managers?” The article examines the role of likability in leadership. The author gives examples of genuine likability and disingenuous likability. It’s a great read for managers who are trying to improve their ability to lead.

We got some great news from Congress and President Trump last month; they passed the 2020 Defense budget. The budget is $738 billion, which is about $21 billion higher than the previous year.

The International Association of Fire Chiefs put out two articles detailing important legislation and strategic planning going into the new year. Their “Government Relations Report” summarizes the important laws that impacted the fire industry and its funding. “What’s Happening at the IAFC?” It is a declaration of the IAFC’s priority strategic goals. They go through what they’ve achieved in the past 3 months and what they are doing to achieve their goals next year. Both articles are great for understanding what is going on in the fire industry and a great guide for planning out next year.

Our final attachment is the Darley 2020 yearbook. The yearbook has the name and face of everyone who works at Darley. We are proud of our team and can’t wait to start the 2020 year. Our theme for 2020 is “Stay Hungry and Humble.”

Thanks for tuning in to this issue of Inside Darley, if there is anything we can be doing to assist you, we hope you reach out to us.

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