Inside Darley April 2017

Thanks for coming to watch Inside Darley for April 2017, I’m Paul Darley.

First off thank you to everyone who completed our Inside Darley survey.  We had some great takeaways in usability of the site and general content.  Also congrats to Corey Berglin who won our raffle for a free Chicago food gift card!

In industry news, the latest acquisition of Scott Safety by 3M is by far the biggest thing happening in the industry right now.  If you’re interested in learning more go to Forbes.comand search “3M acquisition of scott fits portfolio well’ or follow the link to the right if you are a subscriber to the site.

We’re excited to release our Spring/Summer 2017 edition of the Darley Times as well.  You can download a copy here or via a link on the page.  Lots going on at Darley as usual, we highlight 55 year employee Reg Darley who recently retired, an award we received from the Marine Corps, and some of our recent corporate social responsibility efforts.

Hopefully you’ll be joining us at FDIC 2017 this year.  Please be aware that we have changed our booth location and are now about 100 yards south of our former location.  We’re excited to bring a whole new fresh booth layout and some great pump, equipment products, and latest innovations we’ve been working on.  You can get a preview of it all here.  If you’re exhibiting at FDIC you might want to check out our second attachment called ‘The Dos and Donts of Tradeshow Marketing” from Tradeshow Buddy.

Lastly I wanted to highlight a brand new website we just launched.  It’s called WeRespond and it’s designed as a forum for innovation of new ideas and technology in the fire service.  We hope to bring members of the fire service together with their issues, problems and concerns to work with innovators and manufacturers of the industry to develop new solutions for problems.  You can few the site at  We’ve attached a flyer here for download if you’d like to learn more.  Please join us there, we’d love your input.

As always thanks for watching this issue of Inside Darley and please reach out if there is anything we can be doing to assist you.


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