Defense Partner Program

Supporting the Defense Community Together

The Partner Program offers your company an expansive selection of brand-building opportunities geared to promote your company and drive success. As a Darley Partner, you will have exclusive access to year-round opportunities positioning your company in front of the Defense community and have the ability to expedite sales to the military through the use of Darley's simplified contract vehicles.

Partnership Benefits

Promoting Your Products

Becoming a Darley Supply Partner means you have full access to our marketing efforts and sales force. Together, we will get your solutions into the hands of OUR customers.

Kitting Your Solution

Rolling up your solution into one organized, ruggedized and easy-to-handle package. Each item needs to be listed, line-by-line with item description, quantity and respective COO Detailed shipping schedule, outlining partial deliveries.

Accessing the DoD

Leveraging our contracts, our partners can access business opportunities across the DoD. Darley reps are experts on tailoring the process to the needs of the customer.

What Can We Do for You?

A family-run company that’s continuously raised the bar for more than a century, Darley is built upon a steadfast commitment to innovation, reliability, and relationships that add value with every interaction.