Humanitarian Water Solutions

Over 1 Billion people around the world do not have access to clean water. As a result, disease and thirst kill millions of people every year. Darley is committed to providing safe, sustainable, water systems to help those in need. Our model addresses the root problem of a community holistically.Through safe water social enterprise, we want to see entire communities transformed physically, socially and economically. Our goal is to empower the locals so that the projects are sustainable and provide long-lasting development in the community.

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Robust technology that operates successfully in the harshest rural conditions.

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Water enterprise bottling plants to enable social businesses.

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Water technology that is tailored for the local community.



The Darley SunSpring is a decentralized, solar powered, microbiological water purification system that is capable of treating 5,000 gallons of water per day from almost any fresh water source. The SunSpring is an ideal piece of decentralized infrastructure for developing communities that need a long-term water solution.

WATER B.O.S.S (Bottling Operation & Sanitizing Station)

Darley B.O.S.S is an easy to install decentralized water filling and sanitizing station. It works self-reliant without power and could provide bottle disinfected clean water.

Safe Water Box

The Darley Safe Water Box delivers premium drinking water that is safe for emergencies such as earthquakes, wild fires, and hurricanes. Each box has a three-year shelf life that makes it ideal for emergency preparation water storage.

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