World Water Day

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Thursday, March 22nd was World Water Day. Darley’s Kevin Sofen took part in the 2018 World Water Day Symposium in Chicago presented by Current. Current is a non-profit organization that delivers advanced research and market-driven innovations to enhance water resources. Darley was a sponsor at this year’s World Water Day Symposium, the event had panels discussing North American water market trends, how companies integrate new water technologies, along with a panel on Leadership in Disaster Relief & Humanitarian Water with Kevin Sofen.

Many big companies in the Chicago water market were in attendance including Nalco, Evoqua, and Veolia. Darley Water is one of the only companies in Chicago working to create water solutions for disaster response, military, and the humanitarian industries. “Water will continue to be the biggest challenge and opportunity for the next 100 years,” said Kevin.

World Water Day was established to promote awareness of alarming water trends around the world. Climate change and environmental damage are increasing water-related crises, according to the United Nations over 663 million people are living without a safe water source close to home. “We have the opportunity to take control of our water problems,” Kevin explained, “let’s do something about it!”

If you’d like to contact us, please reach out to Kevin Sofen at or by phone at 310-625-6248 (cell) or 630-735-3538 (direct)

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