How is the Small Unit Water Purifier (SUWP) used?

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The Small Unit Water Purifier is designed to perpetuate the mission for fast, austere, and lethal movement.  In the design process Darley had to consider: how can we find ways to give Marines a leg up in the future security environments?  There is a wide contingency of topographies, from jungles and deserts to oceans, which must be dealt with.  Therefore the equipment must be reliable and rugged. 

In the summer of 2105 The USMC used the Small Unit Water Purification System to purify murky water from a river to supply water to troops throughout the training area.  The SUWP averages 15 gallons of purified water per hour from any water source.  Basically, if it’s wet we can make it potable.  The SUWP is being tested during the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab’s Advanced Warfighting Experiment as they work to identify technologies for the future Marine Corps. Not having to carry all the water required for a mission can significantly lighten the load.

At RIMPAC experiments the USMC is explored how many new technologies can integrate into company or platoon operations and throughout the process there were many challenges but countless lessons learned.  Reviewing the video of deployment during this exercise we observed several small “opportunities for improvement” that have already been incorporated into the next generation units.  The SUWP is able to purity water from virtually any source and provide a safe hydration.