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Darley Safe Water Box Ready to Ship

In times when a community needs water, the Darley Safe water box is the answer. The Darley Safe water box is easy to deploy and stackable for easy storage. Each box is filled with 2.64 gallons of premium drinking water. One box provides the same amount of water as twenty half-liter bottles. Every box has a valve to stop backflow contamination.

Darley has pallets and truckloads of water available for immediate delivery. Each pallet contains 80 water boxes, which comes to about 211 gallons per pallet. One trailer load contains 23 pallets of water totaling 4,857 gallons of water. The Darley Safe Water Box is produced, bagged, boxed, and shipped, from Carrollton Texas.

Darley is willing to work with trusted partners and those in need to do whatever is possible to help. Please send us a direct message or email with more questions.