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From Local to Global: Water Insecurities

As our global society reckons with social injustice with a backdrop of a pandemic—we invite you to join a conversation during #ChicagoWaterWeek around environmental and systemic racism and its connection to water insecurity at home and abroad.

While safe water is a basic human right, marginalized communities around the world still struggle with access. Inequities and aging infrastructure in the Midwest and other parts of the US—mirror the experiences of many developing communities around the world. A variety of organizations and stakeholders will discuss these life-threatening issues and share steps they’re taking to make their communities water secure.

Panelists include:
Akeeshea Daniels, Community Activist
Jeremy Orr, Staff Attorney at NRDC
Joyce Coffee, President at Climate Resilience Consulting
Shilpa Alva, Founder and ED of Surge For Water
Kevin Sofen, Panel Moderator, WS Darley & Company