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1 Box, 1 Soldier, 1 Day

1 Darley Safe Water Box will serve 1 active duty soldier through a whole day of exertion. A pallet of Darley Safe Water will provide enough water for a Platoon of soldiers for several days. Keep your team hydrated and focused on the mission.

1 Darley Safe Water Box = Twenty ½ liter bottles

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Easy Storage

  • Protected from UV light and air

  • Stackable

  • Less storage space required

  • Easy to deploy

  • No Backflow contamination

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Ready For Anything

The Darley Safe Water Box is filled with 2.64 gallons of premium drinking water. It has a three-year shelf life, which makes it ideal for military and disaster relief operation.
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Made In Texas, Delivered Anywhere.

The Darley Safe Water Box is produced, bagged, boxed, and shipped from Carrollton Texas.
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Weight of a box is 23lb, weight of a pallet is 1935lb. The box is 100% recycled paper and the bag is 100% BPA free.

Water box dimensions

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