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Versa Sea Pak

The Versa Sea Pak uses reverse osmosis technology to desalinate salt water to meet the needs of both military and first responders. This man potable all source desalination module produces 200 gallons of potable drinking water per day. With a 99.4% rejection rate of salt and impurities, the water can be used for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Dependable under the most difficult situations, the system will function throughout a wide range of temperature, water, and geographic conditions. Key components of this unit are NSF certified and in compliance with US EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological water purifiers, which guarantee the best purification ability and safety to human health.

Treatment Process

Pump strainer - Sediment prefilter (or specialty cartridge) –Reserve Osmosis membrane

Power & Production

Flow Rate: 8.5 gallons per hour/200 gpd Truck or Generator-Powered: 12 or 24vdc, approximately 20 hours, 160 gpd Solar-Powered: Optional 124 watt foldable solar module, 6 hours sunlight,100 gpd Emergency-Powered: Internal 12vdc battery, approximately 5 hours, 75 gpd