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Versa Fresh Pak

Versa Fresh Pak is a three-stage portable water purification unit, which uses sediment pre-filter, GAC post filter, and Ultra Filtration membrane technology to treat particulate, turbidity, bacteria, virus and cysts to meet the needs of providing drinkable water. It’s an easy to use this system to produce safe drinking water from any fresh water source. This module produces 1000 gallons of potable drinking water per day. The system is powered by any 12 VDC source including a vehicles electrical system, solar panel, and emergency battery. The compact unit is easy to maintain for manual backwash, cleaning in place, and testing the membrane integrity. Key components of this unit are NSF certified and in compliance with US EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological water purifiers, which guarantee the best purification ability and safety to human health.

Treatment Process

Pump strainer - Sediment pre - filter (or specialty cartridge) - Ultra filtration membrane - GAC post filter

Power & Production

Flow Rate: 45 gallons per hour/1,000 gpd, System Voltage (VDC): 12VDC Solar-Powered: Optional 62 watt foldable solar module, 6 hours sunlight/325 gpd Emergency-Powered: internal 12vdc battery (20AH), 4 hour, 200 gpd