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Darley PURIFIRE® 4S10F System is designed to supply drinking water from surface water source which polluted by natural or man-made disasters. It is a compact, self-contained, fire pump-driven water purification system, which mounted inside of a fire truck pump house with dedicated control panel for easy operation and maintenance. PURIFIRE® 4S10F is the first fire truck integrated water purification system designed in the world, with advanced filtration and chemical-free disinfection technology, it brings the best quality drinking water from freshwater sources contaminated with biological and chemical substances. The system is US patent pending and PuriFire® is the registered trademark of Darley water purification system. One operator can set up and operate the system within 5 minutes. PuriFire® 4S10F is a great addition to your fire and emergency service team and running the system will not hamper the ability to put off fire. PuriFire® 4S10F helps better to protect people and lives during hurricane, earthquake, and flooding events, and provide a better way to deliver safe drinking water on-site, on time and with much less greenhouse gases emission.

Treatment Process

Pump strainer-Sediment pre-filter (or specialty cartridge) - Pre-filter #1 - reduce the sediment level down to 5 microns - Pre-filter #2 - reduce the sediment level down to 1 microns - Ultra Filtration #1 & #2 - Ultraviolet disinfection - Ozone/Static Mixer-Carbon Filtration #1 & #2

Power & Production

Flow Rate: 10 gallons per minutes/12,000 gpd, System Voltage (VDC): 12VDC