Fire Pumps, Fire Apparatus, Fire and Defense Equipment

Darley Water Purification is a water system solutions provider for a wide array of water demands.  Our complete line of systems can be used by first responders, military personnel, high volume foot traffic areas, and recreational purposes.  Our systems utilize the worlds most advanced water treatment technology and are easy to use.  Darley Water Purification is here to provide water treatment, distribution and storage solutions for the world.  Our technology is scalable and can be tailored around your demands.  Please reach out to us with any water questions you may have.

Business Development

Darley Water Purification is committed to being a partner of choice for first responders, military, humanitarian, small companies, and academia. Darley Water Purification experienced team has an excellent track record in water information support, product development, as well as successful partnership execution.  We are actively seeking partners for our water development programs in selected regions of the world. We also welcome ideas and proposals for strategic alliances, including distribution relationships, water development programs and water information sharing

Please call Kevin Sofen at 1-630-735-3538 or send him an email

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Technology Used

Darley Water Purification uses the most advanced water treatment technology on the market.  Our systems use NSF certified components and membrane technology from industry leaders such as General Electric and DOW FilmTec.

Past Customers and Testimonials

Backed by over 106 years of reliable products and service, you can be assured of quality.  Darley Water Purification has successfully sold systems to the United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy and into international countries such as Peru, Colombia, Haiti and China.  Please download documents below to learn more about our specific customer success stories.