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Darley Water Purification

We provide water treatment solutions. Our systems are used for Emergency Response, Humanitarian and Military applications around the world.

The Darley design theory is simple: High technology, low maintenance.

Versa Fresh Pak

The Versa Fresh Pak can reliably produce safe drinking water from contaminated fresh water sources. The Versa Fresh Pak is field tested by the Department of Defense.

Versa Sea Pak

The Versa Sea Pak can provide safe drinking water from salt water sources. In event of disaster, the system can deployed to help establish a reliable water source. The Versa Sea Pak is field tested by the Department of Defense.


The SunSpring provides a decentralized water treatment solution for remote areas. Instantly provide an opportunity for clean water in remote sites and areas of developing nations that are not currently serviced with water treatment. The SunSpring is tested to Water Quality Association Standards.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile truck and trailer integrated water treatment solutions can be tailored around specific water treatment needs

Individual Water Purification

Convenient and small solutions for the individual users. The individual filters allows for personal water treatment on the go.

Hydration Station

Provide a rapid fill of filtered water to quench the thirst and minimize plastic bottle waste in the environment. The Elkay hydration station makes the process of filling up your water bottle more convenient than before.