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Health Heart, Happy Firefighter Virtual Roundtable

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“We must begin to think about safety differently. We must embrace Health as well as Safety: To be safe, you must be healthy,”-Denise Smith

In order for firefighters to do their job effectively, they must first have a healthy heart that allows them to serve the community. Without a healthy heart, there is no functioning firefighter.

Yet cardiovascular health is commonly overlooked and cardiovascular failure is one of the leading causes of deaths for firefighters. Why is this?

In this Smart Firefighting virtual roundtable, we bring together three leaders to discuss cardiovascular health and the fire service. We will explore the current research that exists with regards to cardiovascular/heat stress, highlight comprehensive early detection physicals and resources, and offer personal stories around cardiovascular challenges and emphasize the importance of annual early detection exams to save lives.

Join the Healthy Heart, Happy Firefighter Virtual Roundtable February 2nd, 2PM EST

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