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Empowering First Responders to Train More, Train Better and Train Anywhere, while not harming the environment.

What makes FLAIM Trainer feel real?

Immersive VR

FLAIM Trainer creates and immersive 360-degree training experience through headset tracking, realistic graphics, and audio. Giving each user a realistic experience in a virtual world.

Patented Haptic Feedback

A patented force feedback system mimics a fire nozzle reaction, and a heated jacket provides the feeling of being near a fire. When combined the FLAIM Trainer creates an immersive and engaging simulation, perfect for training.

FLAIM Trainer is a safe, low-cost, and mobile training aid for firefighters. FLAIM Trainer can simulate a range of fire events and mimic the scenarios environment, allowing firefighters to train more.

What's Included?

Vive VR headset


Hose-line system

Personal heat vest with heat generation components.

SCBA with computer and mask.

FLAIM Trainer

  • Access to the baseline Scenario Library which includes situations involving aircraft fires, gas cylinder cooling, foam coverage, car fires, size up scenarios and more.
  • One (1) Mobile hose-line reel unit and Task Force Tip G-Force branch/nozzle generating up to 300 N of force, complete with a hose line packaging case for storage and transport.
  • Virtual reality tracking systems based on the HTC Vive.
  • One (1) Personal protective clothing with heat generation components to increase immersion.
  • Support Equipment including an operator control tablet (iPad), charging systems, ancillary support tools, storage and transport cases and Online/electronic user manuals and guides contained within dedicated storage and shipping case.
  • Software and software licenses for operation of FLAIM Trainer.


  • FLAIM Trainer PLUS increases immersion by having two operators in the same scenario. FLAIM Trainer PLUS includes an additional backpack and heated personal protective clothing.

Annual Maintenance and Services

  • FLAIM Trainer and FLAIM Trainer PLUS support is available through an annual maintenance license for the software systems, baseline content, and customer specific scenarios delivered.
  • This annual license provides software application support and minor enhancements. The software application maintenance cycle looks to provide application updates on a three (3) monthly basis or as required (critical updates and major releases).
  • Access to the FLAIM Trainer content library is also available through annual maintenance with additional scenarios available on a subscription basis and provides consideration for customer specific content which may be published for other customer consumption.

Additional Services and Scenarios

  • Configuration services for the development of customer specific training scenarios can be developed on a project basis or can be factored into support services. Ongoing training scenario, content development support, and software application support are available through the ongoing support services.
  • Additional scenarios will be available from the FLAIM Trainer™ and FLAIM Trainer™ PLUS library over the life of the service for those customers subscribing to that service. System hardware upgrades, and user specific modification can be developed separately to help customers get the most out of the FLAIM Trainer and FLAIM Trainer PLUS.