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  • NFPA, National Fire Protection Association

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StarterPaq™ Panels

The Control Panels give you an extra level of usability. They are designed specifically to keep the pump operating in the time of need. They also help keep the pump off when the pump is not needed. Control Panels greatly increase system reliability and ease of ownership.

Standard Control Panel

The Standard Control Panel offers a cost effective pump monitoring mechanism to help ensure improved pump performance.

The Standard Panel includes features such as:

  • NEMA 2 Red Enclosure.
  • Motor HP rated Disconnect.
  • Integrated Minimum Run Timer.
  • Integrated Restart Time Delay.
  • Power Available Light located on panel exterior.
  • Failure to start audible and visual alarm.
  • Shall include contract for remote start (flow switch or push button).
  • Dry contact shall be provided to initiate an audible alarm, typically used with leak detection sensor.

Self Testing Control Panel

The Self Testing Control Panel offers the same features as the Standards panel PLUS:

  • Additional test timer and terminals for an external test solenoid valve.
  • Panel will be set so to conduct a weekly automatic test on the system.

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