Darley Robotics is committed to helping departments start a drone program from the ground up

Our experienced FAA-Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) will give you the knowledge and confidence to skillfully operate a drone with the highest level of safety possible.

Our accelerated Public Safety Drone Pilot Ground School course gives you the FAA-mandated COA training faster and at lower cost than ever before.


The Ground and Flight Training Program is a 2-day intensive certificated course that is designed to teach students the basics of UAS operations, FAA regulations, and other related ground topics. The flight portion will introduce students to UAV control and maneuvering. Your agency will be provided with continuing flight education program that can be administered by your designated UAS Program Supervisor or trainer. We can also provide “train the trainer’ programs that will allow your agency to train new entrants into the UAS Program. Because Agencies are now permitted to self-certify, this training program can satisfy training requirements as outlined within your agency’s COA.

And we'll come to your organization regardless of your
location in the USA!

Topics Covered:

  • Part 107 – Everything you need to know
  • Certificate of Authorization (COA) Process
  • Blanket and Jurisdictional Public safety COA
  • Training COA
  • Emergency COA
  • Pilot certification, training, and currency
  • Registering aircraft
  • Public Aircraft operations
  • Building a UAs program
  • UAs cases/missions
  • Selecting the right equipment
  • Timelines for UAs program integration within an agency