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Navigate state
and local laws

Understanding the federal, state, and local laws. These laws can vary a from county to county and state to state so take your time on this step.

Washington DC no fly zone
an signing paper on desk


Operating under Certificate of Authorization or Part 107. In order to fly a drone, your department either needs a Certificate of Authorization or a pilot with a Part 107.

Equipment Selection

Which drone and payloads are needed to outfit your department. We will help you select your drone and accessories based on operational need.

M200 in the rain
Operator flying drone

Operating Procedures

We recommend departments create an operational manual, so it is clear whose responsibility the drone and its accessories are when it is and isn’t in use.


Who will be trained on the drone, when will training take place? We will help you train and come up with a schedule that works for your department.

Dji controller
Server rack

Data Management

How will you keep track of drone’s total operation time, battery life, equipment depreciation? We will help you select a software package that will keep track of the drone and its accessories.

Our team is ready to help outfit and train your department.