Yuneec H520

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Yuneec H520

The H520 is a functional aircraft that can give small departments the drone they need. The Yuneec is capable of 4k video and 20 MP still images and support for a thermal payload. The drone can be tethered to a ground power source giving it an unlimited flight time otherwise; the Yuneec H520 has a 28-minute flight time.

Reliable, Stable And Precise

Yuneec’s H520 is designed with six-rotor systems that allow for stable and precise flight. Medium focal length lenses allow the H520 to focus on an object and follow without having to close in.

Hot-Swap Payload Options

One feature of the Yuneec H520 is its ability to Hot-Swap Payloads. If while in use the role of the drone needs to change, the operator can land the H520 and swap out its camera or storage device without requiring a restart.



1 Mile

Flight Time:

25 MIN


61 KPH

Video Resolution:


Camera Resolution:

20 MP

Yuneec H520 Video