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PSI InstantEye

Designed to be rapidly deployed to gather local (<1200 m) short term (<35 min.) situational awareness. The InstantEye is capable of flying in inclement weather including winds exceeding 30 mph, heavy rain/snow, altitudes up to 12,000 ft. MSL, and temperatures between -10 to 115° F. The standard payload consists of three fixed EO cameras with IR illumination for night capability. Other plug and play payloads include a gimbaled, zoomable thermal imager, drop mechanism, and high resolution camera. Kit includes two InstantEye aircrafts, compact ground station controller, batteries, charging system, and spare components.

Key Features

  • Deploys in seconds
  • Military utility demonstrated
  • Covert day/night (thermal) real time aerial ISR
  • All weather, winds 30+ mph
  • Compact size
  • Operated by individual Responder
  • Data products on GCS (networked through relay) or recorded by GCS DVR

Thermal Imaging Payload

The FLIR thermal imaging upgrade gives you the ability to stream live thermal imaging to the GCS of the InstantEye. In addition to Thermal Imaging, the camera pod also includes a 4X zoomable camera. This is an ideal add-on for situational awareness, search and rescue, structural fires, wild fires, hazmat incidents, and more. Thermal is available in 320 and 640 resolutions.


Darley offers hands on training to all of our end users. This training can be done at our training facility in Itasca, IL, or at the customer’s location. We want to be sure you are getting the most out of your new equipment and that the appropriate operating procedures are in place. Each department has a different need and those needs will be addressed on a case by case basis when our dedicated flight instructors train you.

Classes Cover:

  • Ground school
  • Basic operations
  • Advanced operations
  • Emergency procedures
  • Additional customer requests