Innovation Labs FDIC 2018

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W.S. Darley & Co will be showcasing several cutting-edge technologies at FDIC including the immersive FLAIM System and FDIC first drone cage. The FLAIM System is a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tool that emulates real-life firefighting scenarios using a headset and haptics in the equipment. The FLAIM System will add an additional way for firefighters to train and sharpen their decision-making skills. Firefighters using the FLAIM System will be able to compare their performance to other firefighters. The system will be on display and demos will be open to participants at FDIC.

If the FLAIM System isn’t what you’re looking for right next to it will be a drone cage. Darley will be operating a variety of drones including the DJI Matrice 210, the Yuneec H520, and the Phantom 4 Pro inside the cage. The drones will be equipped with Thermal and Zoom cameras which will be used to demonstrate practical use in the fire industry. The drones will be using DroneSense to stream their video to nearby monitors, giving the audience a better sense of the drone’s capabilities. Darley drone experts will be on hand answering questions related to training, department grants, and what a drone can do for a fire department.

HAAS Alert: Digital Lights & Sirens will be on display in our booth. HAAS Alert is a device that attaches to a fire apparatus when the apparatus activates its lights HAAS Alert begins broadcasting. Drivers using Waze will receive a message when the Apparatus is within range. The device is seeing support from FAMA (Fire Apparatus Manufacturer’s Association), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), NSC (National Safety Council), and TSR (Together for Safer Roads).

W.S. Darley & Co will be at booth #3721. Click here to see everything else we will have at FDIC.

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