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Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue operations need a drone that can locate missing persons, drop rescue payloads, and utilize powerful zoom and thermal cameras.


Wildland operations need a drone that can monitor the spread and direction of wildfires. During a wildfire firefighter use drones to scout difficult areas and measure a wildfires progression.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement needs a drone that is small and can be fully operated by an individual. The drone needs to be capable of following a suspect when ground pursuit isn’t suitable.

Fire Situational Awareness

Fire situational awareness requires a drone that can quickly relay important information to fire command. The drone needs to have Thermal Imaging capability to monitor the temperature and spread of the fire.

Disaster Response

Disaster Response requires a drone that can be activated at a moment’s notice. Long battery life and a zoom camera are important factors for a drone to fill this role.

Event Management

Event Management will always be a difficult puzzle to solve. The larger the crowd, the harder it is to maintain control. Departments need a drone that can monitor crowds and send important information to operation commanders.

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