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The Comprehensive Drone Management Platform for Public Safety

DroneSense helps the nation’s leading public safety organizations manage life-saving drone programs simply, securely, and reliably - all on one integrated platform.

When you start flying with DroneSense, you equip incident commanders with an unparalleled level of situational awareness that leads to more successful missions and a safer community. All while maintaining a complete system of record to ensure this powerful technology is used safely and responsibly.

The DroneSense platform is comprised of three complementary components:



Is a full system of record and a complete asset and risk management tool that organizes pilots, hardware, policies and procedures, and training materials.

  • Automatically attribute core data across all mission assets & pilots.

  • Log flights automatically and view detailed playback.

  • Create customizable pilot checklists.

  • Monitor pilot currency and proficiencies.

  • Ensure asset readiness with maintenance checklists and reminders.

  • File NOTAMs online and distribute with ease.

  • Communicate with operations command and other drone pilots on scene.

  • Generate custom reports with a few clicks.

  • Set and automatically apply media retention policies.

  • Provide centralized access to all internal policies and procedures.

  • Communicate with operations command and other drone pilots on scene.

  • Store training materials and manuals.

  • Easily export data for regulatory compliance and public information requests.



Provides a tablet-based flight interface purpose-built for first responders that makes it easy to both fly manually and pre-plan autonomous flights. All flights flown with Pilot sync automatically with AirBase to ensure accountability and compliance.

  • Fly manually, create autonomous plans, or both.

  • See pertinent telemetry in a clear display.

  • Consume, view, and record multiple types of video, including thermal.

  • Ensure compliance with customizable, integrated checklists.

  • View elevations in AGL, MSL and Height Above Terrain (HAT).

  • Collaborate in real time via a Common Operating Picture.

  • Communicate with operations command and other drone pilots on scene.



Allows stakeholders to strategize and tactically collaborate by sharing real-time views of a scene with minimal latency from any connected device. Anyone can see live pilot sessions, incident commanders can task pilots directly, and multiple users can work together seamlessly.

  • Watch any drone session via a Common Operating Picture.

  • View pilot feeds on any connected mobile device.

  • Secure session sharing by all stakeholders.

  • Communicate with and visualize all pilots in real-time to maximize efficiency.

  • Modular architecture allows for custom integration with existing systems.