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VideoRay Pro 4 CD 300BASE

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  • Robot Info

    CD 300BASE Commercial Dive ROV System has been specifically configured for dive operations to quickly and effectively perform a variety of basic underwater inspection tasks. The easily deployable ROV can efficiently perform routine predive site scouting observations while adding one more element of safety and quality control on deep and dangerous dive missions. Because the VideoRay ROV is so easy to operate and deploy, it is perfect for quick and/or emergency inspections down to 1,000 feet when suiting up a team isn’t possible or required.

  • Technology

    Plug and Play Tether, wireless programmable hand controller, and Real Time Video Feedback

  • Features

    Three Days of Open Enrollment Training, Many integrated sensors, Three Propeller Drive Propulsion System for Vertical and Horizontal control

  • Applications

    Search and Rescue, target Identification, Location and Navigation, Disaster Response, Drowning Victim Recovery, underwater structural inspection

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