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Endeavor Robotics PackBot

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    The man-transportable, multi-mission robot

    Modular, adaptable and expandable, the 510 PackBot can perform bomb disposal, surveillance and reconnaissance, CBRNe/HazMat detection and mapping. Quickly configured based on mission needs, PackBot climbs and descends stairs and navigates narrow passages with sure footed efficiency. Packbot relays real-time video, audio, and sensor data while the operator remains at a safer stand-off distance. More than 4,600 PackBot robots have been delivered worldwide.

    The battle-tested PackBot, deployable in less than two minutes, can reach speeds of up to 5.8 mph, overcome obstacles and debris and support numerous disruptors and a broad array of sensors that deliver real-time intelligence. PackBot climbs slopes and stairs up to 45 degrees, is submersible in three feet of water and is operational in all-weather environments.

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  • Features

    Weight 31.6 lb (14.3 kg) mobility platform (no batteries) / 21.1 lb (9.6 kg) manipulator

    Run time Up to 8 hrs


    • Speed: Up to 5.8 mph (9.3 km/h), Variable speed control
    • Agility: Zero radius turn
    • Slopes: 45°
    • Stair Climbing: 45° in base configuration

    Manipulator Lift 11 lb (5 kg) at full extension [(73.5” (187 cm)] / 44 lb (20 kg) close-in

    Awareness 4 day and night capable cameras with zoom and illumination / Two-way audio

    Communication Up to 3281 ft (1000 m) LOS range / Mesh capable, interoperable with Endeavor / Robotics family

    Expansion Ports Supports cameras, sensors, manipulators and disruptors / More than 40 Accessories / More than 20 disruptors supported / 10 fully integrated HazMat/CBRNe sensors

    Environmental IP67, MIL-STD-810

    Controller Multiple controller options available

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