Fire Pumps, Fire Apparatus, Fire and Defense Equipment

Darley Robotics

Darley has partnered with industry leaders to provide the world’s best robotic technology to help keep our service men and women safe. In the fire and defense markets, there are countless applications to use Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) and Unmanned Submersible Vehicles (USVs).


Darley has been working with drones since early 2010. Since then, technology and payloads has grown at an exponential rate. We have moved on from our own development to partnering with Physical Sciences Inc. and offering their system the InstantEye. The InstantEye is a high-performance, low-cost aerial system that can be hand launched and recovered from a single operator in any weather. Learn more on the InstantEye and available payloads by reaching out to us.


UGV’s (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) have been used by Military and Law Enforcement for years. The same technology can be applied to several emergency applications where sending personal in is dangerous. We have partnered with industry leaders including Endeavor Robotics to bring a variety of products to your department. All can be equipped with a variety of sensors and payloads to assist with some of the most complex operations.


USV’s (Unmanned Submersible Vehicles) provide real time life saving data in water rescue missions quickly and safely. By using a tethered waterproof system, departments have the ability to monitor and assist in nearly any rescue or search in water. With years of proven combat experience, our partners VideoRay and Bluefin Robotics provide the most dependable equipment and support to your department.