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ZS Pump - Highest Performance Pump on the Market

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You want big water, you got it. The Darley ZS 3500 pump was introduced last year and customers around the globe are demanding the Darley ZS by brand name and thrilled with its performance. It currently is the highest flow NFPA ratable pump on the market. The ZS was first introduced as a midship pump (ZSM), then as a PTO driven (ZSP), and is now available as a direct engine driven (ZSE).

The pump is capable of flows in excess of 6,000 GPM.

Pierce Manufacturing now offers it to their industrial customers. Pierce Industrial Product Specialist, Allen Huelsebusch, commented, “Our customers are amazed by several things. They love the compact design of the pump which frees up space, the exceptional flow capabilities of the pump, the
quietness and overall design of the “Mega Transmission” and the primer design. The pump and plumbing are designed for the highest flow on the market. We have pumped in excess of 6,000 GPM from an industrial hydrant/manifold application.”

The pump has passed rigorous testing at Darley and abroad. This included passing the worldrenowned China Certification Center (CCC) testing.