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What pumps does Darley offer for Fire Boats?

Darley has been furnishing pumps for marine applications for decades, and we have a firm understanding of the marine environment and its requirements. Our experience with the US Navy and the development of our P-100 model pump, which had stringent weight limitations as well as serious corrosion protection concerns, led to an appreciation of these issues. We have many proprietary coatings available for engine blocks, exhaust components, pumps, and other components to ensure a long life even in the tough marine environment.

We offer models driven by gasoline engines, which are preferred by builders using outboard engines, as well as pumps for builders of larger vessels, who prefer diesel drives. Our smallest application to date has been our 2BE21H, capable of 100 GPM @ 135 psi up to our PS series capable of over 1800 GPM @ 150 psi. Our ZS line, capable of flows over 3500 GPM @ 150 psi will be available by April and can be seen at FDIC.

We offer both totally bronze pumps, for the ultimate in salt water corrosion resistance, or also a hard anodized aluminum with special coatings, when weight is a critical factor. Many of the engines we use can be configured with marinized coatings, and some are marine engines direct from the manufacturer. For use in salt water, pump shafts are furnished in 316 stainless steel or 17-4 PH stainless, when even greater strength is needed.

Our international representative, Kevin O’Sullivan, is an avid sailor and very aware of the needs of marine applications. I’ve had the pleasure of sailing with him, though I recall we engaged the diesel motor for the ride back.

In many coastal markets, such as Tacoma, WA, we’ve seen a need to augment our offerings of pumps and trucks to include fire boats. Fire boats have become more popular in recent years due to homeland security grants and concerns. We work with builders of any size vessel, so let us know your needs and we can put you in touch with multiple ship builders, worldwide, that can work with you to meet your specific needs.

From fresh water to salt water, Darley is ready to provide your best solution. We’re a proven provider to the most well-known names in the maritime industry. Make your next vessel phenomenal. Choose Darley Fire Boat pumps.