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Petronaval Corp. Specifies Darley Pumps for Marine Firefighting Emergencies

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“When I see a big smile on the end user’s face, I know we’ve done a good job,” says José Casas, director of Petronaval Corp., who recently installed a Darley ZSE 3000 pump on a vessel for GPB Neftegaz Services working in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Firefighter spraying water with a hose

“Our client wanted us to install a large flow pump for their marine firefighters to combat any fire emergencies related to their oil and gas platforms, pumping stations and or other vessels. We mounted the ZSE along with two stingray monitors on the middle of the vessel to carry out proper fire fighting capabilities for any possible situation,” said Casas.

Darley ZSE 3000 Pump

“We had great success pairing the Darley pump to the Hyundai marine diesel engine. We really appreciated the time Kevin O’Sullivan, Darley’s marine engineer, spent walking us through our options and confirming it would be a sound application.”

Kevin O’Sullivan, Darley’s New Zealand representative, has a background of firefighting, fire engineering and professional marine activity. He specializes in talking directly with customers and boatbuilders worldwide – and identifying exactly what pump, gearbox, drive system and layout would best suit their particular needs and vessel. “There are so many different options available – and Darley can cover pretty much all of them” states Kevin.

Darley offers a large variety of firefighting pumps for marine applications including the ZS series which is available in multiple configurations including a front mount clutched version. Check out our marine pumps at www.darley.com/pump-guide/marine.