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New 6000 GPM Industrial Pump - Highest Flow on the Market

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Capable of flows in excess of 6000 gallons per minute from draft, Darley’s new 2ZSM pump was designed to ensure firefighters and emergency personnel have the flow capacity they need when approaching large refinery fires, relay pumping to multiple pumpers, or dewatering applications.

The pump’s operating characteristics will leave you in a state of awe. The pump is known for vibration-free operation throughout the performance curve. In addition, the discharge stream profile is the most uniform on the market. Some would claim the dual impeller is to blame for the tightly patterned stream profile. If that isn’t enough, the pump is the quietest in its class, allowing for improved on-scene communication when facing the toughest of emergencies. The 2ZSM pump is also equipped with a dual chamber engine cooler to allow for additional cooling when pushing your engine to its limits. As a result of precision machining and Darley’s patented oil circulation system, the transmission operating temperatures at maximum capacity are below 200° F making the 2ZSM the best choice on the market for continuous high-volume pumping.


To top it all off, the 2ZSM is the only industrial rated fire pump that is manufactured entirely in the United States! The 2ZSM’s raw materials are all sourced locally in the USA. Starting with the finest quality base materials in the world, the 2ZSM is machined in its entirety in Darley’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Chippewa Falls, WI. Each machined component passes a precise inspection process before entering the assembly plant. The components are then assembled by an individual pump assembler allowing for an unmatched level of attention to quality. Upon completion of the build, the 2ZSM endures a rigorous performance test ensuring product conformance.

Kyle Darley - Darley Test Room

If you are looking for a pump that will allow you to obtain unconventional flows with a sort of high efficiency that has never been seen before, we have the pump for you! The 2ZSM’s unmatched performance and quality will exceed your expectations in the most demanding applications. For performance information regarding the 2ZSM or inquiries on the 2ZSE (Engine driven version) please reach out to us at