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LDM/LDMX Single Stage Midship Pump 20% Smaller and Lighterweight, With Flows Over 2000 GPM at 150 PS

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The LDM pump is Darley’s tried and true single stage midship pump. It is about 20% smaller and lighter weight, on average, than our competitors’ pumps provided at the same rating points. The LDM pump, although rated to 1750 GPM, flows well over 2000 GPM at 150 PSI in max flow testing. This reserve capacity eliminates the common practice of a department paying more for a higher rated pump, for example - 2000 GPM, and then “de-rating” the pump to 1750 or 1500 GPM, to ensure they pass annual NFPA service tests throughout the life of the apparatus. We strive to achieve those results for you with the reserve capacity standards we hold ourselves to.

The LDM features our MagnaTrans™ transmission which is the highest rated (19,230 ft/lbs of torque) in the industry. The MagnaTrans™ is standard on the majority of our midship pumps with 2000 GPM ratings or less. As many customers who’ve been making the switch to Darley continue to note, this transmission is much quieter than any other midship pump transmission they have used.

The LDMX designation (pictured) is given to the pump when the OEM supplies a stainless manifold rather than cast iron - an industry trend allowing flexibility in plumbing design and additional weight savings.

For more information on the LDM or LDMX pump or to determine which Darley pump may be best for your fire department, reach out to JasonDarley@Darley.com or at 715-456-9390.