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Developing the BigZeus™ 2ZS Fire Pump 6000 High Flow Industrial Pump

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What happens when industry-leading engineering mixes with the highest quality pump manufacturing process in the world?  The answer is BigZeus™ Darley’s 2ZS fire pump.

Darley’s manufacturing team in Chippewa Falls, WI took to fabricating a pump that people would one day refer to as the highest performance vehicle mounted (drivetrain powered) fire pump of all time. Darley leveraged the skills and knowledge of their entire organization when “going to the drawing board”. From machine operators to pump test technicians, many of whom are active members of the fire service, to engineers and on to the executives, virtually everyone at Darley has a hand in developing the finest pumps in the fire service.

The continual communication, especially in the development process, allows for rapid change and agile development. When new products are in the design phase, the engineering team is working closely with team members responsible for manufacturing, inspecting, assembling, testing, and repairing the product.  This allows for unmatched efficacy when bringing products to life. 

Not only did Darley develop the highest flowing midship fire pump on the market (with a Guinness world record), they developed the smoothest operating industrial fire pump of all time. This became apparent in the products unveiling in autumn of 2017.  The fire pump was on display at the Texas A & M (TEEX) industrial fire school where its true beauty was a spectacle for all to see.  The pump had a stream profile that was tighter, longer, and more controllable than many seasoned operators have ever seen. 

If your department is looking to add a tool to its arsenal that will provide improved effectiveness when controlling large industrial fires, look no further. Darley has developed the BigZeus™ to satisfy the demanding needs of the industrial firefighting community. 

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