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Darley Pumps Used for Underwater Dredging

Underwater Dredgeing

SNA International, together with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, recently partnered to utilize Darley pumps for dredging to assist with human identification and forensic initiatives. Pumps are used to power jets in order to create a suction for the diver to dredge sediment.

Ezra Swanson of the DPAA, who has been utilizing Darley’s marine version of the HGE37EFI portable pump on a mission in Vietnam, states “Switching to Darley pumps and priming systems reduced our man hours by a factor of 15! This enabled us to spend more time focused on our mission of finding our lost Service Members.”

This pump has been used for multiple purposes both on land and at sea due to its versatility and compact size. ”The electronic fuel injection on this 37HP Briggs has also been a real hit,” says Darley National Pump Sales Manager, Jimmy Darley.