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Darley Pumps - Serving Latin America Customers for Over 70 Years

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ZSM 3000Export business is nothing new to Darley. Each year, Darley ships products into over 100 countries. It’s not uncommon to have our export business represent 50% or more of our firefighting pump, apparatus and equipment business. Darley currently serves these customers from our locations here in the U.S., but also remotely from our offices in China, New Zealand, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa and Latin America. Techniques and Supplies has been the Darley agent in Argentina since the company was formed in 1991.
It builds a wide variety of fire apparatus applications ranging from forestry, small towns, large cities, airports and even industrial pumpers using the Darley ZSM 3000, which is rated for up to 3,000 gpm. Operating out of Buenos Aires, Techniques and Supplies is an ISO9001:2008 certified company and puts quality first in all that it does. If you’re interested in learning more, please check out its website at

ZSM 3000