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Darley Invests in Automated Balancer

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Last year, the Darley Pump Division created the Robotics Automation & Implementation Team. This team consists of multiple disciplines and the mission is simple; utilize state-of-the-art and innovative manufacturing tools, technology, equipment, processes, and techniques to improve the safety, fulfillment, and throughput of our operators. An ancillary benefit is improved cost to our external customers.

In just one year, multiple projects have been implemented including an automated impeller balancer. Over the long history of Darley, impellers have been the heart of our product and special care has always been taken to ensure the highest quality and best value to our customer. Taking this component from a hand-balanced piece to an automated piece, we were able to increase precision to an already highly efficient component. The automated balancer balances each impeller in seconds and within a fraction of a gram. This change, long term, will mean smoother operation, longer bearing life and an even better product life cycle.