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Bringing the Future of Pumps to FDIC

Darley pumps are quickly becoming the pump of choice for fire departments across the nation. All our pumps are durable, compact, and incredibly efficient with the best warranty on the market. At our booth, we will have Darley pump experts on hand to discuss the befits of switching to a Darley pump. We will have will have an assortment of our pumps on display including the HM 500, PSP 1500, PSM 1000-1500, and more.

With its compact design, capacity, durability, and simplicity in maintenance, the HM pump has become one of Darley’s top sellers. The HM line of pumps is compact making it an ideal option for retrofits of existing apparatus. The HM series also boasts a surprising punch for its size making it ideal for tanker applications, brush trucks, and mini pumpers. The HM 500 will be on display at FDIC, so don’t miss out on this versatile pump.

The PSP series of pumps changed the world of pumpers by providing a PTO pump that meets the flow rating used in 85% of pumpers in the U.S. market in a more compact, less expensive and safer offering. The PSP 1000 and 1500 provide 1000 GPM and 1500 GPM respectively. The PSP is effective in Aerial, Crash Fire Rescue, Industrial, Pumper, Pumper Tanker, Rescue Pumper, or Tankers.

The PSM 1000-1500 this pump continues Darley’s tradition of more for less with its compact design and high durability. The pump can have flows in excess of 1800 gpm from draft and features the same MagnaTrans gearbox as our popular LDM Pump. The pump also features a mechanical seal made with silicon carbide stationary face which is extremely rugged, and resistant to wear and dry running damage. The PSM 1000-1500 is great for Aerial, Pumper, Pumper Tanker, Rescue Pumper, or Tankers.

Whatever your fire department needs are Darley has an answer. Stop by Booth #3721 at FDIC and check our website here to find everything we will have at FDIC.